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Sildenafil + Vitamin B6

DOSAGE | Contain 5mg of Vitamin B6
Sildenafil + B6 Tadalafil + B6 Sildenafil + Tadalafil + B6 Paroxetine + Tadalafil
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01 What is Coxaroc?

Redefining Performance and Confidence At Coxaroc, we're not your run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all platform. We're on a mission to transform a crucial aspect of every guy's life: his sex life, and everything that goes into shaping his sexual persona. We understand that when it comes to the bedroom, there's no room for compromise, and that's why we're here to empower you.

Increased Performance: Elevating Your Game

Our singular mission is simple: catapult you to peak performance. We're talking about achieving rock-solid, unshakeable erections that leave no room for doubt. With Coxaroc, you're not just getting by; you're dominating the game.

Increased Confidence: Unleashing Your Inner Alpha

Imagine strutting into the bar, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you're about to deliver the performance of a lifetime. There's no obstacle in your path, no challenge you can't conquer. Coxaroc isn't just about boosting your performance; it's about amplifying your swagger.

Increased Optimism: Conquering the World

When your performance soars, and your confidence skyrockets, the world transforms into your oyster. Life takes on a whole new sheen of possibilities. With Coxaroc, your optimism becomes boundless, and you'll find yourself ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Increased Social Life: Becoming the Social Butterfly

When you've got the trifecta—increased performance, unwavering confidence, and unbridled optimism—there's no reason to spend Friday night indoors. It's time to spread your wings, my social butterfly! Coxaroc isn't just about the bedroom; it's about unlocking your potential in every aspect of your social life.

At Coxaroc, we're not just here to provide you with ED medication; we're here to revolutionize your experience and redefine your perception of what's possible. It's time to rewrite the rules of the game, and we're with you every step of the way. Welcome to a new era of confidence, performance, and endless optimism. Get ready to conquer life with Coxaroc by your side.

02 Are treatments FDA approved?

The chewable medications accessible on are compounded treatments that have not received individual FDA approval in their chewable format. These chewable tablets contain identical active ingredients (sildenafil, tadalafil, and paroxetine) to those found in FDA-approved drugs like Viagra®, Cialis®, and Paxil®. The chewable tablets recommended by Coxaroc-affiliated healthcare providers are custom-prepared for patients by compounding pharmacies licensed in their respective states when conventional commercial alternatives are not suitable.

03 What is the difference between sildenafil and tadalafil?
04 What is Paroxetine used for?

Paroxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that is sometimes prescribed off-label to treat premature ejaculation (PE). Here are some potential benefits of using paroxetine for this condition:

  • Delayed Ejaculation: Paroxetine works by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain, which can help delay ejaculation. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in regulating mood and emotions, and it can also affect the timing of ejaculation.
  • Increased Ejaculatory Control: Many men with premature ejaculation have difficulty controlling their ejaculation and may ejaculate very quickly after sexual stimulation begins. Paroxetine can help improve ejaculatory control, allowing men to last longer during sexual activity.
  • Improved Sexual Satisfaction: By delaying ejaculation, paroxetine may enhance sexual satisfaction for both partners. It can lead to more fulfilling sexual experiences and reduce anxiety related to PE.
  • Off-Label Use: While paroxetine is not specifically approved by regulatory agencies like the FDA for the treatment of PE, it is commonly prescribed off-label for this purpose based on its ability to delay ejaculation.
  • Minimal Side Effects: : While SSRIs like paroxetine can have side effects, they are generally well-tolerated by most people. Common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, and dry mouth, but these often improve over time.
05 What’s the B6 for?

Let's break down the science of Vitamin B6 and how it plays a part in the sexual game:

  • Vitamin B6 – Your Secret Wingman: So, you might know it as pyridoxine, but we call it Vitamin B6. It's not some magic potion for sexual health, but it's got some tricks up its sleeve that can indirectly boost your game.
  • Hormone Control: Vitamin B6 is like the commander of the hormone army. It helps regulate sex hormones, including the mighty testosterone. And you know what they say – good levels of testosterone are the key to a solid libido and top-notch sexual performance.
  • Neurotransmitter Party: B6 is also the brains behind the neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These guys control your mood and desire. Keeping them in check can totally up your sexual satisfaction.
  • Nerve Nirvana: B6 keeps your nerves in top shape, including the ones that get you in the mood and keep things feeling awesome. Good nerve function means better responsiveness when it counts.
  • Energy Booster: This vitamin is like your personal energy coach. It revs up your metabolism and keeps your stamina in the game. No more feeling drained – you're ready to go the distance.
  • Stress Slayer: Stress can be a buzzkill in the bedroom. B6 helps you keep those stress levels in check, making sure you're in the right headspace for some action. Now, let's talk refractory period – that downtime between rounds:
  • Prolactin Pump-Up: After the first round, prolactin levels shoot up, causing the refractory period. A 2006 study showed prolactin is a whopping 400% higher after intercourse compared to solo action.
    • Meds May Help: Pills like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra have been studied for reducing the refractory period. Results vary, but they might give you an edge.
    • Pelvic Power: Working those pelvic floor muscles can speed up recovery time. It's like a mini-workout for your manhood.
    • Chill Zone: Stress can be your enemy here. A relaxed, tension-free environment with an understanding partner can work wonders.
    • Take a Breather: Less frequent action might actually help you recover faster for round two.
    • Dopamine Dose: Boost your dopamine levels with foods like tuna, chickpeas, and asparagus. They're loaded with B6, B12, and folate.
    • Prolactin Plunge: High prolactin levels mean longer downtime. Vitamins B6 and E could potentially help lower prolactin levels.

So, bro, Vitamin B6 is like your backup dancer in the sexual performance game. It won't work miracles, but it's part of the crew that keeps you in top form. Remember, it's always a good idea to talk to a healthcare pro for personalized advice on boosting your sexual health.

06 Who is Coxaroc for?

Coxaroc is here to amp up the game for bros across the spectrum of life. Must be at least 18, residing in the United States.

Fraternity Bro (18-21)

You're the man on campus, living the college dream. Whether it's 2 AM or high noon, you know you've got the secret weapon that'll make every girl beg for a study session with you. Confidence? Check. Performance? Check. Coxaroc? Double check.

Corporate Bro (21-30)

Welcome to the corporate jungle, junior! You're out to conquer the boardroom, but why stop there? With Coxaroc, you're not just competing with Senior VPs; you're outshining them in the endurance and stamina department. Flashy watches and cars can wait – right now, you're the one she wants for the carpool home.

Divorced Bro (30-35)

You've taken a detour on the relationship highway, and now you're back in the dating game. Outfits and haircuts might be on your mind, but you won't lose sleep over your performance, thanks to Coxaroc. You're not just back in the game; you're playing it like a pro.

Married Bro (35+)

You're the ultimate winner in life's game – a great career, the love of your life, and that white picket fence. But let's be real, after a decade, things in the bedroom can cool down. Coxaroc is your secret to rekindling the flame and reminding her why they don't just call you "Daddy" because of the kids. It's time to bring the heat back to the sheets!

Coxaroc is here to boost your confidence, enhance your performance, and keep the fire burning in every chapter of your life.

07 Do I need a prescription to use Coxaroc?

Our Coxaroc-affiliated providers will write you a prescription if medically appropriate, after completion of your medical profile and digital consultation.

08 What are the common side effects?

When you're in the game with sildenafil or tadalafil, there's a chance for some curveballs. But here's the deal – not everyone gets thrown off, and the pitch can be different for each guy. So, before you step up to the plate, you gotta have a pow-wow with a healthcare pro. They'll walk you through the curveballs and any concerns you might have. Here's a sneak peek at the common ones:

Sildenafil Side Effects

  • Your face might light up like a Christmas tree (Flushing)
  • The head might start pounding (Headache)
  • Some heartburn action
  • Your stomach could start dancing (Upset stomach)
  • Nose pulling a solo act (Runny or stuffy)
  • Muscles and back staging a little protest (Muscle pain and Back pain)

Tadalafil Side Effects

  • Sporting those rosy cheeks (Flushing)
  • Headache
  • Stomach making its own moves (Upset stomach)
  • Nose and throat a bit scratchy
  • Muscles and back muscles joining the party (Muscle pain and Back pain)

Here's the golden rule, bro: If any of these side effects bother you or hang around like that annoying friend, it's time to bench the meds, call up your healthcare provider, or even hit up emergency if needed.

And remember, we're all unique, man. So, if you're juggling other health stuff or meds, keep your primary care provider in the loop. They're your coaches, making sure you stay on top of your game. And if there's any change in your medical history, don't hold back – spill the beans ASAP.

Your health's our MVP, bro!

09 Serious side effects?

Now, listen up, because this is crucial. PWhile most guys rock those ED meds with no problem, there's a slim chance of more serious side effects. If any of these signs or symptoms roll in, it's game over – stop the meds and hit up the ER pronto:

  • Chest pain that's squeezing or feels like a freight train
  • Heartbeat going haywire
  • Feeling dizzy or taking a surprise nap on the floor
  • Headache so bad it feels like a sledgehammer
  • Suddenly going weak on one side, trouble talking or thinking, balance doing the cha-cha, face drooping, or eyesight turning into a Picasso painting
  • Messed-up eyesight or the dreaded loss of it
  • Ears ringing like a rock concert, hearing out of commission, or anything weird in the hearing department
  • Breathing issues that are new or hitting harder than a heavyweight champ
  • Arms or legs deciding they want to be balloons
  • Fever that's not invited to the party
  • Unexplained bruising or bleeding – not cool
  • Muscles and back throwing a major tantrum, or you're just feeling super sore and weak
  • Your stomach going ballistic or saying bye-bye to your lunch
  • If you find yourself with a painful erection (that boner just won't quit) or it's been four hours of standing at attention – get to the ER. Seriously. If you don't, it can mess up your sex life for good.

And bro, if you're in an epic battle with an allergic reaction (think rash, hives, itching, or your skin going all Picasso again), or if you're wheezing, feeling chest tightness, struggling to breathe or talk, or your voice goes all Darth Vader – that's an emergency too.

Don't mess around with these signs, man. Get to the ER ASAP and let them work their magic. Your health's the top priority, no doubt.

10 Telemedicine

Verifying Your Identity with Coxaroc: The 411

As part of the game plan, our Coxaroc-affiliated provider needs to make sure it's really you. So, they'll ask for your U.S. government-issued ID to lock it in.

Now, if you're having a tech timeout and can't upload your ID, no worries. Just drop an email to with your ID attached, and our support team will do the heavy lifting to get it squared away for you.

We're all about making this as smooth as possible for you, my man!

11 Refunds / Returns

Returns/ refunds: We're all about making sure you get the right prescription, but once it ships and it's in your hands, it's a done deal. We can't take back prescription products for reuse or resale, and we keep it final. However, if you think we goofed up and made an error in your prescription, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to fix any mix-ups and keep you on the winning streak, bro!

12 Not available states for shipping

We are currently waiting for North Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, North & South Carolina. We are hoping to hear back from Mississippi & Louisiana shortly.

  • Sildenafil + B6
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  • Leave a lasting impression
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  • Tadalafil + B6
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  • Increased performance
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  • Sildenafil + Tadalafil + B6
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  • Paroxetine + Tadalafil
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  • Get rock hard
  • Sildenafil + B6
  • 🔥
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • 😈
  • Tadalafil + B6
  • 🥵
  • Increased performance
  • 💊
  • Sildenafil + Tadalafil + B6
  • 🍆
  • Increased stamina
  • 💋
  • Paroxetine + Tadalafil
  • ❤️
  • Get rock hard